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No matter your age, no one can predict when the unexpected will occur. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in the right life insurance policy so your loved ones stay protected.

While it’s true no amount of money can soften the unimaginable blow of grief, knowing you are financially secure can help ease many burdens that arise when coping with death. From paying off accumulated debt to finding the funds for a proper funeral, the benefits of having the right life insurance are endless.

Whether you are married, expecting a child or have relatives who depend on your weekly income, there are a number of life insurance options available for any situation.

Here are 5 reasons you need life insurance now:

  1. Protect your loved ones: Death often leaves families scrambling to cover funeral costs, mortgages and sometimes even medical bills. With the right life insurance, you can ensure your loved ones are left behind with enough money to help them pay off any debt you may have left behind.
  2. You’re expecting a baby: A lot changes once a baby is born and having the financial security of life insurance will only help ease your parental instinct to keep your child safe. With a quality insurance policy, you can plan ahead, so your child is left with anything from a daily income to a substantial inheritance after you pass.
  3. You just graduated: Too often, life insurance is considered for those who are well-into life and planning their financial future, but did you know many post-graduates opt for life insurance as well? This is to ensure student loan debt doesn’t fall to your spouse or parents should you pass unexpectedly. Whether you are in need of whole or term life insurance, investing in a policy now can ensure your loans are taken care of in the future.
  4. It can replace lost income: Should something happen to you, can your family survive without your income? With the right coverage, they won’t have to find out. Not only can a quality insurance policy help with funeral expenses, but your loved ones will be able to cover any other expenses that may arise such as utilities, clothing and home maintenance.
  5. Leave an inheritance: Are your current debts already taken care of? Use your life insurance as an opportunity to leave behind an inheritance for your loved ones by naming them as beneficiaries. Whether it’s for your child, a family member or even a charity or organization of your choice, this is a great way to offer financial security to those who matter most.

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