While predicting the unexpected remains impossible, preparing for potential surprises helps reduce their impact. Investing in the right life insurance policy today makes all the difference for your loved ones.

Whether you’re a new graduate, just starting a family or looking to retire, there is a life insurance policy designed just for you. Sifting through them, however, can prove to be confusing. That’s why the trusted insurance agents at Victory Insurance dedicate their time and resources to finding you the perfect life insurance designed for your lifestyle.

Choosing a life insurance policy involves more than just filling out an application. First, you must examine your current situation and decide what financial goals you wish to achieve. Are you looking for something long-term, as you begin your journey into adulthood? Or do you only need coverage during a certain point in your life? 

Whether you are applying for term, whole or universal insurance, understanding your policy and creating a financial plan remains crucial. That’s why our insurance professionals guide you each step of the way as we determine your policy type, how much insurance you’ll need and what insurance premiums fit your overall budget.

Here is a brief overview of some of the insurance types we offer:

  • Term Life: When you need coverage for a set amount of time, you want term insurance. Typically designed for 10 to 30 years of coverage, this type of policy is ideal for young families who have mortgages, educational bills or other large expenses. While term insurance is designed for short-term financial goals, these policies can be switched over to permanent insurance if circumstances change.
  • Whole Life: Also known as permanent insurance, whole insurance is just that — insurance for the rest of your life. Designed for long-term financial security, this policy allows for its insurers to create plans custom to their needs while building cash values they can cash in when needed.
  • Universal Life: Valued for its customizability, universal insurance offers an array of flexible premiums and benefits designed for your needs. Building cash value, this long-term insurance policy is perfect for those planning to leave behind an inheritance.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about funeral costs, paying off debt, medical bills and an unpaid mortgage. With the right life insurance, you are ensuring your family has the financial resources they need to easily take care of any responsibilities that arise.

For more information about life insurance from the experts at Victory Insurance, please contact us or call us directly at 616.785.7175.