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While the first snowfall sparks visions of hot cocoa, sleigh rides and holiday gatherings, for many homeowners, winter’s arrival triggers a list of worries when it comes to protecting their home from Michigan weather.

Whether it’s snow, wind or ice, there are a number of ways Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your home this winter — resultinging in high heating bills, costly repairs or even lawsuits. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your home protected this season.

Follow these 5 tips to help keep your home safe this winter:

  1. Keep Your Pipes Running: If your home’s pipe system isn’t insulated, it’s crucial to keep a few faucets in your home dripping throughout the winter to avoid freezing. A frozen pipe can lead to leaks or bursts — leaving you with a hefty bill.
  2. Check Your Roof: Heavy snow or ice can do some serious harm to your home, especially if you have a roof with loose or missing shingles. Damaged roofing often results in water or moisture leaks in your home.
  3. Trim Your Trees: Take some time to inspect nearby trees. Are there any branches overhanging your home? With heavy snowfall, these shady trees can quickly become hazardous, leaving limbs to fall on your home or worse — your neighbors. Avoid the lawsuits by trimming these problems before they get out of control.
  4. Insulate Your Attic: Hot air rises, and that’s why insulating your attic or crawl space should be at the top of your to-do list this winter. An influx of varying temperatures can melt snow and ice on your roof, often leading to water damage, leaks and ice dams.
  5. Have Salt on Hand: All it takes is one person to fall on some slippery ice to hold your home liable to costly medical expenses and legal fees. Ensure your home is safe during the winter by routinely salting your driveway, porch and stairs to avoid potential hazards.

Winter is long enough without the worry of more bills on your hands. Skip the insurance nightmares by preparing your home ahead of time for a smooth season.

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